Software: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Class / Client: Graphic Design VI

Year: Spring 2015

<resrcful> was my semester long Graphic Design Senior Thesis project. It was self proposed and self directed. <resrcful> is an educational, browser-based, interface that aims to teach early teens how to properly write HTML and CSS to create websites, in a fun and engaging way. The coding is taught through tutorial based lessons; these begin with basic concepts that build on each other to reinforce old and new concepts. Each tutorial uses a different, pre-designed, model website to teach several topics through text descriptions and visuals. These are then followed by challenges and step by step instructions to reinforce what was just taught. As students progress through sections and levels they earn badges which advance from bronze to silver to gold levels of achievement. Topics include: basic page setup, HTML syntax rules, external CSS styles, linking, layout and box-model, proper use of web fonts, and finally forms. I also hand coded each of the 6 model websites as well as the interface which is completely interactive. For take aways I had laptop stickers of the company logo, cardstock prints of each badge, and pairs of buttons featuring different common HTML tags which people could use to "turn themselves into elements."