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  • 4th Annual Art History Undergraduate Conference

11" x 17" Poster


8.5" x 11" Brochure Front


8.5" x 11" Brochure Back

Software: InDesign

Class / Client: Betsey Janus (Art History Club)

Year: Spring 2015

I was approached by the Art History Club to design the poster and brochure for the 4th Annual Art History Undergraduate Conference, Fusing the Past and Present: Art and Art History in the 21st Century. This is a conference the Art History Department has put on for the past four years where they ask alumni and prestigious art historians to give 15 minute talks about a particular topic. I was to design the poster that would advertise the conference and then a brochure that audience members would have at the event. I was provided copy for both poster and brochure and I decided for imagery to use a generative art piece by Joshua Davis, which I felt was fitting considering it merges illustrative elements with programing and algorithms.