A little about me...

Hello! My name is Amanda Tosswill. I am a visual designer originally from Florence, Massachusetts (Western Mass). I recently graduated from UMass Dartmouth in May of 2015 with a dual BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media. I have always enjoyed telling stories and problem solving. It started as a child with creative writing, organizing, analytical thinking and creative solutions for academic projects. Over the years that has shaped into a love of layout, story through motion, teaching through art, the interactivity and fluidity of websites, and creating clever solutions to complex problems. A sense of humor and playfulness is a theme that runs through my work as well as thoughtful and detail-oriented choices. Also seen through my process is attention to what the client needs while keeping in mind what the target audience will enjoy. When I am not designing, I enjoy dance, musical theater, DIY projects, watching Youtube videos, exploring the world of makeup, collecting countless artsy photos on Pinterest, and psychology!

My Process in Detail

Research Process Icon


I start by defining the problem and doing research. I do research on the competition, the user and audience. I look into color schemes and typography choices.

Brainstorm Process Icon


I begin thinking about materials for the project, be it paper or what type of medium I should use. I start doing word association for inspiration, creating prep sketches, thinking about the ways the product or piece will be used. I also decide on formats and begin my wire framing for screen projects.

Visual Exploration Process Icon

Visual Exploration

This includes sketches, digital visual iterations, exploring color and type options. I establish my grid for print work, recreate the wireframe in browser, collect imagery and present the work to the client for feedback.

Refinement Process Icon


In this step I refine and some times rework a concept or visuals to be in line with the feedback. I always try to keep in mind both what the client wants as well as the target audience and how they would utilize the design, while staying true to the original intentions. If it is a site, most will be built out in the browser. This refinement may be repeated 1 or 2 more times as needed.

Prototype Process Icon


The design is brought to the final visual iteration. Full color print outs to scale are made, checking for image quality and type hierarchy. For a site, images and videos are tested for quality as well as functionality, and any final changes that need to be made are taken care of.

Final Process Icon


Deliverables sent to client, website up on the internet.